Unreleased game vs bsnes

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Unreleased game vs bsnes

Post by juef » 2019-10-25 01:07:25

Greetings byuu,

From this page talking about a freshly released Tarzan game for SNES (and its source), I thought you might be interested in what they had to say:
”After loading the game up initially, I discovered I couldn’t get past the title screen due. As a hackaround, I patched the binary to just jump straight to Scanjoys from ScanjoysOpt. This makes it possible to get into the game, although it has some broken-debounce side effects when navigating menus. Upon further investigation, this appears to be a timing problem related to input registers in bsnes, so I’ve included both patched and unpatched ROMs.”
I'm not saying he's right, nor am I asking you to investigate - just thought you'd want to know about it.

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Re: Unreleased game vs bsnes

Post by Screwtape » 2019-10-25 02:37:13

On the discord, somebody reported that it works fine in the latest v112, but not the earlier v111.2. There was a lot of messing around with rewind and run-ahead support in that time that messed with compatibility even though it didn't affect the basic emulation accuracy. It might be interesting to see which versions work, and whether disabling all the rewind/runahead stuff fixes the problem, but if it works in the latest version, there's not much point.

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